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Author: Ryan

  • Review Add on: 08/15/2020
  • Average Rating: (3)

Know your style

This product over all was 100% durable and great, looks good and a clean look but the reason I rated this as a 3 was bc the q50 front bumper undercarriage is not flat at all. It has many things sticking out that make it very hard to be flat and be flush with the cars bumper, don’t get me wrong tho you can make it flush but it take about 50 screws to hold it all together that way. Mine looks good but stick up a bit in the front so it’s almost at an angle. Don’t get me wrong tho this is a good product but the design for it fitting the q50 undercarriage is terrible. I have the q50 premium so it might work better w the sport but idk. Highly recommend not buying this and just coping the q50 splitters that are made to fit the bumper

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