Vicrez Sponsorship Battle

Vicrez Sponsorship Battle

Video Teaser Season 1 - EP1:

Want to be sponsored by Vicrez?

It is your lucky day. Now you can submit your video application and Win a sponsorship with Vicrez!

We want you! But, why do you want us? This is your moment to shine. We want to know what makes your car the best of best, and better than the rest. We are asking all our applicants to tell us, why you love doing what you do.

Why is called Sponsorship Battle? Because you will be battling to win vs other applicants – may the best build win. The winner will be chosen by the public. All you have to do is submit a video of you showcasing your car and telling us why you want us to sponsor you

Winner will be chosen after the submission ends 9/24/2020 - Now Let the battle begin!

Video Guidelines

  1. Video should contain at least 4-5 minutes b-rolls of your car (Highlight showcasing your build)
  2. Video should contain at least 4-5 minutes talking about you vehicle & why you should be sponsored
  3. Must be in-focus, clear, and bright enough to ensure quality
  4. Video must be at least shot in 1080p or Higher (4K even better)
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